A well maintained outdoor lighting system will last for decades. Maintaining your lighting system will extend the life of the fixtures and bulbs.

Clark's Pool and Garden – Pool Deck: Specialised Maintenance Services will diagnose your system, check all the lights and efficiently replace bulbs with the correct wattage. When a lamp burns out, it reduces the voltage draw on the system and causes the others to burn brighter than normal, eventually causing excessive burnouts. If wires are cut, we can find the problem and make the required repairs. We can reconfigure lamp placement to accommodate for growing plant material, such as shrubs and roots.

Regular Maintenance includes:

Replace burnt out bulbs
Repair cut wires
Refocus light projections
Rebury exposed wiring
Remove debris from fixtures
Tighten loose components
Replace broken light stakes
Reset timers
Check voltages at transformers
Lens cleaning and replacement

Regular maintenance inspections are recommended at twice yearly intervals – April and November.

Clark's Pool and Garden use and recommend only the best outdoor lighting systems.

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