Timber Structures: Decking, Screens and Outdoor Furniture

Clark's Pool and Garden – Pool Deck: Specialised Maintenance Services is committed to the long term maintenance and protection of your timber construction investment, utilising high performance timber finishes.

Protecting your timber: Timber as a product of nature, is subject to fungal attack, degradation from UV light, expansion and contraction with varying moisture levels, variations in density and oil, tannin and resin content. All of these characteristics impose considerable demand on timber finishes.

For ease of maintenance, conduct a routine 12 monthly inspection. The first indication of the need for recoating will be observed as signs of dryness, loss of colour, discolouration on edges and wear in traffic areas. Best protection of the timber and ease of maintenance is ensured if the timber finish is re-coated before deterioration of the coating and timber underneath occurs.

Preparation is vital for achieving the longest life span possible from your timber finish. Clark's Pool and Garden use and recommend only the best timber finishes products and support and utilise a tri-stage application process.

Stage 1: Revival: Timber cleaner

Stage 2: Pre-treatment: Priming

Stage 3: Finishing: Natural timber oils and exterior finishes

A slip resistant additive can be used in conjunction with the finishing products as part of this process to reduce the risk of slips when wet.

Note: Life expectancy is prolonged when based on the completion of the recommended preparation, the application of the correct film thickness and all elements being the same, including timber type, porosity, age, degree of exposure and temperature.

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